Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Search for NICoE

It was suggested by Tom Z. that given all the discrepancies in Sean's case between DoD and VA that Sean apply to the National Intrepid Center of Excellence.  It could mean two weeks at Bethesda Naval Medical Center in Washington, DC.  Patients and family members stay at the Fisher House with other TBI families and veterans as group.  They provide family counseling, group meetings, and full diagnostic testing with major tests by neuro-psychology, neurology, neuro-audiology, neuro-ophthalmology, internal medicine, neuro-radiology--the full world all inside one building!

The Ombudsman at Ft. Riley is working with Sean's case manager at the SFVAMC to facilitate Sean’s application to the NICoE. The facility is open to active duty soldiers by referral from a DoD doctor, however, the Ombudsman obtained permission to have Sean's primary care manager (PCM), Dr. S, write the request.

We heard from a friend who knows the director of the NICoE that only active duty soldiers are being accepted.  Doesn't make much sense to me to exclude veterans like Sean who are in a reserve status and still need the help.  We are praying this will be the next step in getting a diagnosis that can be used across the board and we will finally be able to stop chasing appointments and instead focus on what he needs for treatment and maintenance. 

Normal MRIs cannot compare to the equipment available at the NICoE.


spouseofawoundedvet said...

I agree that I think It should be open to Veteran's as well. There are so few programs that do a full workup like you have mentioned above. I know my husband has had very limited care and there is no place in the VA system that I know of that does anything like this. I wish they would open it up for Veterans as well.

Linda J Cameron said...

I am praying and keeping my fingers crossed for this one.