Friday, July 15, 2011

Congressional Hearings--Putting the VA in its Place

The caliber of veterans and caregivers we have standing up for those left behind is outstanding!  I loved watching these hearings and reading their written testimonies. 

Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs Hearing: VA Mental Health Care: Closing the Gaps
Insightful testimony from Daniel Williams and Andrea Sawyer regarding the continuing mental health crisis within the VA system.

Iraq vet tells Senate committee of VA gaps
Article from Politico

Veterans wait too long for mental health services, reports say
Article from the Washington Post

House Veterans' Affairs Committee Subcommittee on Health hearing Implementation of Caregiver Assistance: Moving Forward
Testimony from Debbie Schulz about the recently implemented Caregiver program at the VA that highlights inconsistencies as the program gets up and running.

VA's caregiver payments not enough, critics say
Army Times article

More Than One Year Later, Caregiver Support Finally Available
Article from HCVA

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